2019 USBC Team USA Trials – Round 2 (Women)

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Watch the second round of women’s competition at the 2019 USBC Team USA Trials from Gold Coast in Las Vegas live on #BowlTV.

For more information, visit BOWL.com/TeamUSATrials.

Lane Condition: https://bit.ly/2RDlLc1

Live Scoring: https://syncscoring.meriq.com/goldcoast/

Women’s Overall Results: http://scores.bowl.com/2019TeamUSATrials/WomensOverall2.pdf

Women’s Day 2 Results: http://scores.bowl.com/2019TeamUSATrials/WomensDaily2.pdf

Women Day 1 Results: http://scores.bowl.com/2019TeamUSATrials/WomensDaily1.pdf

Women Day 1 Amateur Results: http://scores.bowl.com/2019TeamUSATrials/WomensAm1.pdf

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