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, 2018-05-02 01:22:30

Two bowlers fired 800s this week: Steve Pollin and Kenny Flanagan both of Ambridge.

Pollin, 36, rolled his first 800, a huge 846, in the Beaver Valley Tenpin Travel League at Baden Bowl. He started with a personal-best 290, a 256 and improved with his first 300.

“I felt I was in a zone that night. The window where I could throw the ball was so wide everything was coming back into the pocket. In the first game, I started with a 10-pin spare. In the second game, I left a 7 pin and I left the 3-6-10 pins. The only change I made that night was I moved a board to the left in the second game after I threw a Brooklyn. Up until the 10th th frame of the last game, the only thing I was thinking about was it was a big match for our team. We were in second place, and we needed the points. In the 10th, my heart started beating and the legs were shaky. Before every ball, I took a deep breath and they were all pretty good strikes. It was an unreal feeling. The first thing I did when I left the lanes was call my dad. He was so proud and amazed I achieved this,” Pollin said.

Pollin had a string of 13 strikes in a row between games one and two and finished the night with the last 18 strikes in a row. He had 33 strikes out of 36.

Flanagan, 20, rolled an 831 in the Baden Men’s Classic League at Baden Bowl. He tossed a 268, 295 and 268 for his 11th 800 set.

“I rung a 10 pin in the first frame, and then I threw the next five. I threw a really bad shot and left the 3-9 pins. Took the sheet and shot 268. Going into the second game, I just made better shots. The 12th frame was a pretty decent shot. It was clean off my hand, but the ball read a couple of feet earlier than I wanted. It was a nice five-count split. In the last game, I moved two left on the right lane, maybe a board left on the left lane. I kept plugging away, and I started with the front seven. The 800 wasn’t even on my mind. I made good shots, and the pins fell,” Flanagan said.

Three days later, Flanagan also rolled a 290 in the second game of the Monaca Community League at Baden Bowl. He left a ringing 10 pin and then threw the next 20 strikes in a row. He left another 10 pin that cost him another 800. In his last four league nights in the Beaver Valley, Flanagan shot 836, 831, 794 and 751. That’s a 267 average over 12 games.

Two women rolled 700s: Sheri Fubio of Ambridge and Stephanie Adkins of Brighton Township.

Fubio rolled her 18th 700, a personal-best 771, in the Klunkers League at Fair Oaks Lanes. She had games of 234, 268 and 269.

“I threw a lot of strikes, but pretty much everybody on my pair was bowling well. The lanes were really nice. I left a couple of 10 pins in the first game and actually missed one of them. Then I didn’t leave much the rest of the night. I left a 10 pin and a 7 pin in the second game. I left the 4-7 pins and a 10 pin in the third game. On the night, I would say I was very consistent,” Fubio said.

Adkins tossed a 727 in the Tuesday Night Mixed League at Beaver Valley Bowl in Rochester. She rolled a 244, 279 and 204 for her 34th 700 set.

“I was in a slower pace, and I think that’s why I did better. I remember I left a 7 pin in the fifth frame of the 279, and I was really proud that I didn’t have any opens all night,” Adkins said.

Kelly Krznaric of New Sewickley Township rolled a personal-best 296, the women’s high game of the week, in the first game of the Sokols League at Fair Oaks Lanes.

“In the eighth frame I was getting nervous, and in the ninth frame even more. The first two in the 10th were great hits. On the last ball, my legs felt like jello. I didn’t follow through, and the ball didn’t come in. I left the 1-2-4-10 pins, but I was very happy with the game,” she said.

Four other bowlers fired 300s: Don Ware III of Rochester, Larry Charlton of Ambridge, Mike Piroli of Brighton Township and Bill Adams of Economy.

Ware, 51, rolled his 34th 300 in the second game of the Baden Men’s Classic League.

“I didn’t throw a lot of bad balls the first game. I just carried better the second game. I’ve been struggling so it felt good to throw one,” Ware said.

Charlton, 58, shot his 12th 300 in the first game of the Tenpin Travel League at Baden Bowl.

“I was bowling very poorly in practice. Then before the game started, Steve Pollin told me, ‘Larry, you threw 27 strikes out of 32 in the Baker Tournament; why don’t you use the ball you used in the tournament?’ I said fine. I picked up that ball and threw 12 strikes in the first game. It was all Steve’s call,” Charlton said.

Piroli, 57, tossed his fifth 300 in the last game of the Aliquippa Businessmen’s League at Sheffield Lanes in Aliquippa.

“I was around the pocket all night, but the last game all 12 were in the pocket and everything carried. I tugged one a hair in the ninth and almost left the 4-9 pins but a messenger took them out,” Piroli said.

Adams, 47, rolled his 300 in the last game of the Tenpin Travel League at Beaver Valley Bowl. This was his 34th 300 and his fourth 300 of the season.

“I was struggling the first two games. Fortunately, my teammates picked me up, and the last game I got lined up and I was able to help the team out. We won all three games and every win is big late in the season,” Adams said

In other action, Jeffrey Hredzak of Hopewell Township rolled a 297 in the Baden Men’s Classic League. Joe Tkach of Mercer rolled a 296 in the Monaca Community League.

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 Baden Bowl

 Ken Flanagan 295-831, 290-794 and 267-751; Nick Schwab 268-779 and 244-682; Peter Mancini 276-768; Don Ware III 300-753; Bill Uber 267-747; Adam Loverich 278-741; Mark Everette 279-729; Phil Bratton 249-719, 279-684 and 239-674; Joe Tkach 296-717; Jeff Hredzak 297-716 and 236-648; Gary Amadio 256-705; Sam Beckey 256-704; Bob Fetchak 279-700 and 236-645; Jason Morgan 259-700; Tom Epperson Jr. 237-698 and 246-682; Damian Mannion 256-691; Erik Nielsen 244-687; Dan Knight 235-687; Paul Pitaro 246-684; John Moore 247-673; Ray Bolinger Jr. 257-672; Ray Welling 258-670; Rob Pedaline 246-670; Rich Husing 237-668; Bill Laughlin 254-663; Michael Ross 242-663; Derek McCaffrey 251-661; Eric Hilberry 244-655 and 223-640; Bubba Heckman 249-652; Brian Everette 257-650; Donald D. Oslick 236-650; Bill Hulme Sr. 224-650; Chuck Bible 246-648; Todd Cook 257-647; Greg Marchuska 237-647; Pete Sovich 243-646; Austin Hilberry 238-646; Frank Salamone Jr. 245-641; Joe Tkach 234-641; Kyle Everette 225-640; Amy Bollinger 222-596; Elise Brown 202-560; and Ivy Kimbrough 545.

 Beaver Valley Bowl

 Frank Paganie 267-781; Bill Hulme Jr. 257-748 and 232-651; Stephanie Adkins 279-727; Jim Glitsch 248-697; Darin Hague 255-695 and 245-681; John Hood 245-671; Don Oslick 236-671; Chris Healy 240-661; Ed Walters 239-655; Bill Biego 243-651; Chuck Bible 221-651; Larry Minnitti 248-648; and Eric Hramika 240-643.

 Beaver Valley Tenpin

 Steve Pollin 300-846 and 246-703; Bill Uber 278-767; Dan Knight 269-758; John Golletti 259-753; Andrew Kyrargyros Jr. 267-737 and 249-688; Larry Charlton 300-726; Dave Matzie 279-720 and 275-654; Lars Yuricha 264-713 and 238-695; Bill Hulme Jr. 246-709; Don Oslick Jr. 256-698; Bill Biego 258-697; Chris Healy 259-694; Darin Hague 257-694; Don Ware 266-692; Sean Walsh 256-692; Bill Adams 300-691; Bobby Mason 248-684; Jason Morgan 244-683 and 246-662; Ken Riddle 254-680; Mark Everette 258-678 and 238-661 ; Garrett Mudrick 247-676 and 236-660; David Justice 247-669; Brian Everette 225-668 and 257-659; Jeff Mason Jr. 248-667; Pete Sovich 228-667; Joe Houy-233-666 and 226-651; David Mason 234-663; Jay Moore 245-661; Jason Schimonsky 253-659; Eric Hramika 248-657; Joe Consalvo 230-657; Dennis Davidson 241-653 and 234-650; Ed Yorns 246-652; Bob Lubert 236-652; Chuck Bible 246-649; Don Ware 223-647 and 228-646; Joe Stanczak 245-643; Jason Crawford 239-642; and Bert Yuricha 233-641.

 Center Lanes

 Bob Norton Sr. 267-737 and 286-734; Rick Myers 279-726; Ryan Peterson 256-718, 233-658 and 234-644; Dennis Briggs 257-703 and 254-678; John Sutlovich II 246-696 and 267-693; Bill Laughlin 237-696; Mark Everette 247-693; Frank Salamone Jr. 267-692 and 247-689; Jim Stuart 268-681; Darrell Carfagna 246-660 and 232-653; Kyle Everette 267-659 and 280-647; Greg Nicastro 237-657; Larry Davidson 235-655; Rich Brooks 255-653; Cal Strickler 238-649; and Mike Sharpless 243-642.

 Fair Oaks Lanes

 Sheri Fubio 269-771 and 246-657; Larry Charlton 278-770 and 267-648; Jeff Mason Jr. 268-731; Steve Pollin 269-724; Mike Belseito 257-719; Nate Schneider 255-712; Andrew Kyrargyros Jr. 260-699; Marissa Niaros 268-692, 258-625 and 559; John Massoud 254-692; Greg Frederick 246-690 and 258-666; Dave Matzie 255-680; Bob Mason 258-673; John Niaros 242-673, 245-650 and 245–646; Dimitri Niaros 277-672; Dave Lash 255-669 and 238-649; E. J. Talik 255-669; Kelly Krznaric 257-662 and 296-649 ; Anthony Yankello 236-662; Tom Weber 234-655; Ben Susan 237-653; Barb Tackac 255-651 ; John Kopinsky 237-651; Garrett Mudrick 217-641; Amy Bollinger 223-591; Stephanie Kyrargyros 206-588; Judy Kotula 200-559; and Katie Frederick 549.

 Sheffield Lanes

 Mike Piroli 300-714; Brian Everette 237-707; Adam Loverich 249-695; Zach D’Agostino 232-682; Vito Farelli 244-655; and Scott Martin 237-641.

 Sims Lanes

 Kevin Richardson 268-753 and 279-706; Matt Hamilton 267-746 and 257-713; Bruce McKelvey 258-722; Kevin English 257-718; Adam Boron 254-708 and 237-674; Bob Cochran 253-704; Rich Husing 237-703 and 279-664; Randy Barkey 259-700; Jared Orr 245-688; Bob Janicki 246-683; Will Eller 245-683; Dennis Briggs 235-683; Justin Tucker 235-681; Michael Burger 268-672; Anthony Rosenberg 237-672; Shawn Wynn 249-671; Kevin Boston 248-669; Keith Pontius 231-668; Kevin Popovich 248-667; Jeremy Koscinski 244-663; Ed Scala 255-658; Aaron Gall 247-658; John Jackson 256-654; William Busch 237-654; D. J. Osborne 227-654; Kyle Condrick 256-653; Billy Morgan 225-653; Paul Stewart 245-650; Stef Tomasko 225-650; Bobbie Koscinski 244-649; Matt Davis 237-647; Steve Provenzale 245-644; Jeff Foreman Jr. 245-640; Mary Arendosh 244-606; and Robin Hertzler 200-557.

 White Township

 Dan Lokomski 234-676; Tyler Wright 233-651; and Don Ware 234-640.

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