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, 2018-03-14 01:44:26

Damian Mannion, 49, of Forward Township led all league bowlers with an 803 series in the Baden Men’s Classic at Baden Bowl. He rolled a 253, 262 and 288 for his seventh 800 series.

“The first game, I had one bad shot in the middle of the game. The second game, the first nine were great but the 10th not so much. I threw short, slow, my timing was bad, and I left a big split. The first ball of the last game, I left a 3 pin. I started striking, but I didn’t think about the 800 until the eighth frame. The 9 pin almost stood in the eighth frame, and in the ninth frame, a messenger took out the 8 pin. I was thinking I had some karma coming my way. The first one in the 10th was really good, and I liked the second one a lot. The last ball, I asked what I needed for the 800, and I pulled it at the head pin,” Mannion said.

Three bowlers rolled 300s, Bill Hulme Jr., of Monaca, Shayne Remler of New Galilee and William Eller of Ellwood City.

Hulme, 58, rolled his 14th 300 in the first game of the Monaca Community League at Baden Bowl.

“It’s my normal line that I usually play there; I throw around 12 board to 10 board. It seemed to work in practice, so I stayed there. The first three frames were swishing strikes, so I changed the ball speed a little and they started coming in. The 10th one was a little bit high, but I tripped the 4 pin. The last two in the 10th were pretty good,” Hulme said.

Remler, 21, fired his second 300 in the third game of the Men’s League at the Beaver Falls Turners.

“In the first two games, I had to play a deep line, but everyone on the team was pushing the oil out. So I moved right, and it held the whole last game. The first and second balls in the 10th were pretty good. The last one I got two boards inside where I wanted to be. I left a 9 pin, and the head pin came off the side wall and hit another pin and that pin took out the 9 pin,” Remler said.

Eller, 37, rolled his fifth 300 in the first game of the Friday Night Classic League at Sims Lanes in Big Beaver.

“I was playing with a new ball that I had for a week, and this week something clicked. I was really consistent with my release, consistent hitting my mark. I got into a groove, and I never moved the whole first game. The 10th frame was kind of funny. I was bowling next to Brian Aluisia, and when he finished with 299, I said to myself I’m going to throw the 300 and beat him for jackpot. I got lucky and did,” Eller said.

This is his fourth 300 of the season.

Christina Huttinger of Ellwood City led the women with a 671 set in the Tuesday Nite Women’s League at Sims Lanes. She rolled games of 243, 204 and 224.

In other action, Brian Aluisia of Shenango Township rolled a 299 in the first game of the Friday Night Classic League. He left a 10 pin on his final ball. Jared Weidner of Chippewa Township rolled a personal-best 298 in the Alex Sims Memorial League at Sims Lanes. He left the 3-10 baby split on his last pitch. Greg Frederick of Ambridge rolled a 290 in his first game of the Klunkers League at Fair Oaks Lanes. He spared in the first frame and struck out.



The second week of the Beaver Valley Bowling Association Championship and Handicap Tournament at Sims Lanes produced two more highlights.

Kevin Popovich, 40, of Beaver Falls tossed his first 800 series, an 806, in the doubles event. He rolled games of 258, 289 and 259.

“I was swinging the ball 12-13 board to around 8 board. I threw the ball pretty well, and everything was right there. I had two spares in the first game. The 289 was the front 10, but I noticed I was throwing the ball a little too hard. I tried to throw the ball easier, and I threw it bad. The last game, I knew what I needed, but I started strike, spare, strike, spare. Lane one had a major hang spot, and that’s where my spares were. So on that lane, I pitched it out wider to get around it. In the 10th frame, the first two were good, and I left my only 10 pin of the day on the last ball,” Popovich said.

Bob Janicki, 46, of Whitehall rolled his 38th 300 in the third game of the team event.

“The last game, I started coming around the ball a little more because I was rapping 10 pins. I put them all there, and they all carried,” Janicki said.



 Baden Bowl

Damian Mannion 288-803; Bill Hulme Jr. 300-735; Jason Morgan 253-727; Donald D. Oslick 266-720; Bill Uber 277-716; John Pitaro Jr. 268-712; Nick Schwab 245-709; Eric Hramika 258-702; Paul Pitaro 246-702; Donald T. Oslick 247-700; Joe Tkach 258-698 and 246-652; Ken Flanagan 236-693; Jeff Hredzak 263-684; John Moore 268-681; Tom Epperson Jr. 257-680; Brian Everette 253-680; Kyle Everette 253-680; Phil Bratton 257-674 and 237-650; Chuck Bible 237-674; Derek McCaffrey 256-673; Mickey Pranskey 246-672; David Pitaro 258-668; Sam Beckey 233-666; Michael Short 237-665; Eric Hilberry 226-665; Travis Vargo 238-655; Mike Vetovich 222-651; Bob Fetchak 219-645; Scott Klein 256-643; Bob Mason 236-642; Bill Hulme Sr. 215-642; Rich Husing 245-641; Elise Brown 220-564; Amy Bollinger 210-557; and Ivy Kimbrough 205-543.

 Beaver Falls Turners

 Shayne Remler 300-728; Eric Hramika 257-715; Billy Marvin 278-710; Steve Izzo 245-705; Jonathan Walter 277-704; Tyler Schuster 268-702; Bob Johnson 255-693; Shad Greco 243-686; James Pashuta 258-683; Chad Cook 254-647; and Keith Schweinsburg 243-640.

 Beaver Valley Bowl

 Bill Cain 279-718; Don Ware III 237-701; Frank Paganie 279-696; Rob Haller 247-678; Jason Lowe 246-678; Don Oslick 277-659; Ben Tabone 254-658; Lou Sposaro 249-653; John Hood 225-648; Bill Biego 234-644; Bill Lowe 247-640; Jim McGowan 236-640; and Mary Arendosh 237-601.

 Beaver Valley Tenpin

 Eric Hramika 278-793; Don Ware 268-763; Andy Baumgardner 263-703; Jesse Groom 278-687; Ed Yorns 248-676; Andy Kurtz Sr. 246-673; Bill Hulme Jr. 246-661; Pete Sovich 265-660 ; Chuck Bible 236-660; Mark Everette 225-656; Bill Biego 259-650; Dennis Davidson 226-648; Don Ware IV 266-647; Chris Pengidore 234-643; Sean Walsh 246-641; and Chris Healy 221-641.

 Center Lanes

 Mike Senko 257-773; Mark Everette 247-728; Ryan Peterson 247-696; Jeff Hredzak 248-688; Frank Salamone Jr. 277-687; Rick Myers 247-686; James Stuart 247-682; John Sutlovich II 259-664; Terry Kocher 256-659; Lecksi Durinsky 224-649; Roseann Sutlovich 240-603; and Jackie Battalini 222-575.

 Fair Oaks Lanes

 Dave Matzie 278-703; Anthony Yankello 237-691; Troy Erwin 267-689; Garrett Mudrick 257-683; Tom Weber 247-675; Andrew Kyrargyros Jr. 238-674; Doug Simon 242-671; Greg Frederick 290-669; Nate Schneider 248-666; Larry Charlton 268-664; John F. Jones 264-661; E. J. Talik 234-660; Josh Hayes 223-654; Jeff Mason Jr. 248-652; Marissa Niaros 237-597; Sheri Fubio 236-597; Amy Bollinger 214-596; Katie Frederick 201-594; Suzy Shirey 212-571; Kelly Krznaric 213-556; and Cindy Slade 220-545.

 Sheffield Lanes

 Adam Loverich 255-725; Matt Mowad 259-720 and 265-668; Mark Everette 244-690; Matt Shuble 267-684; Paul Mann Jr. 234-670; Jerry Joseph 259-652; Alex Hamilton 246-649; Zach D’Agostino 231-644; Terry Stamm 279-642; Ed Martin 220-641; Mary Ann Karmazyn 225-560; and Christie Priest 214-548.

 Sims Lanes

 Jared Weidner 298-774; Bolek Kulesza 279-763; Brian Aluisia 299-749; Anthony Padovano 269-738; Erik Kennedy 277-731 and 280-725; Kevin Popovich 258-722; Bob Janicki 256-720; Justin Tucker 248-718; Chris Klingensmith 245-714; Paul Stewart 257-711; Tyler Davis 254-710; Ryan Greco 266-708; Andy Boro 257-697; D. J. Osborne 249-696; Kevin Richardson 256-694 and 232-660; Will Eller 300-691, 236-673 and 234-655; Ed Mann 268-690; Chris Johnson 243-690; Tyler Schuster 268-687; Brian Salsberry 277-683; Lyle Sockaci 237-683; Jerry Binz 235-683; Anthony Rosenberg 258-682; Dennis Briggs 255-680; Aaron Gall 234-680; Jeff Foreman 278-678; Daniel Hoerner 246-674; Joe Ferrazzano 233-674; Neil Froce 247-673; Christina Huttinger 243-671; Chris Chirichetti 243-669; Norm Allison 242-666; David Parr 235-664; Gene Babcock 232-662; Steve Provenzale 257-661; Mark Fobes 255-660; Mike DeMarco 238-660; Eric Venezie 255-658; Randy Barkey 245-658; Shayne Remler 258-655; Jeremy Koscinski 237-655 and 225-644; Mark Gallagher 279-653; Marion D’Augostine 229-653; Matt Hamilton 225-653; Kyle Condrick 231-652; Mike Stone 256-651; John Tuma 241-650; Darrell Frasier 222-649; Bob Cochran 225-648; Adam Boron 237-647; Raymond Arkwright 235-647; Danny Haynes Jr. 256-643; William Troutman 246-643; Armas Jokinen 244-643; Joel Estermyer 238-643; Kevin Boston 237-643; Matt Hamilton 236-643; Randy Tooch 254-641; Bobbie Koscinski 225-637 and 216-609; Mary Arendosh 235-628; Heather McCullough 220-582; Cindy Thomas 563; and Carin Durr 548.

 White Township

 Don Ware 267-704; and Gary Wright 254-688.


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