Barrett Takes Down No. 3 Duke At PBA Playoffs

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, 2019-05-13 22:11:15

PORTLAND, Maine – The upsets at the PBA Playoffs just keep on coming.

For the third show in a row, a major upset occurred in the Round of 16 at Bayside Bowl, and this time third seed Norm Duke was the victim.

Duke lost a tough battle against Dom Barrett, while Sean Rash had little trouble with Kyle Sherman as the Round of 16 came to a close. 

Here’s a recap of both matches:

No. 14 Dom Barrett 2, No. 3 Norm Duke 1

In a match that went to overtime, Barrett handed Duke an early exit from the PBA Playoffs.

Barrett got going quick in the first game, opening with three consecutive strikes before leaving a 10 pin in the fourth frame. He struck in the fifth frame and led by 25 pins at the commercial break. 

Duke fell behind early when he pulled the ball through the face and left the 3-4-6-7-10 split in the second frame for an open. He kept putting the pressure on Barrett throughout the rest of the game and struck out in the final frame to force Barrett to get a mark and count for the win.

Barrett buried a strike on his first shot in the 10th frame and won the opener, 236-222. 

During the second game, however, Barrett’s ball reaction started to evaporate down the stretch. Duke started with the front five and built a 31-pin lead, and Barrett lost his look on the right lane. The result was an easy 236-174 win for Duke to force the tiebreaker.

In the ninth and 10th frame roll-off, Duke posted a score of 40 and Barrett needed a strike and six pins in the final frame to secure the victory. Instead, Barrett came up light and left a 2-4 on his first shot. He converted it and struck on the fill to force overtime.

Duke went first in the one-ball, sudden-death overtime and went high, leaving a six pin. Barrett responded with a light hit that carried for a strike and the win.

No. 6 Sean Rash 2, No. 11 Kyle Sherman 0

For just the third time in the Round of 16, there was a sweep as Rash took down Sherman in consecutive games.

Sherman struggled from the start, failing to strike in his first six frames before the commercial break in Game 1. He opened the match with a Big Four split and trailed by 24 pins after five and a half frames as Rash remained clean with a double.

Things got a little closer immediately after the break when Rash stepped up and left the 4-6-7 split for an open, but in the end, Rash cruised to a 227-175 victory.

The second game was a little closer as Sherman began to strike early, while Rash struggled with his carry. Sherman led by 19 pins after six frames but couldn’t put together another double the rest of the match.

Rash, finishing the match first, needed a strike and nine for the win. On his first shot, he went through the face and broke up the 4-7-10 split for a strike. He followed it up with another strike and packed his bags for the quarterfinals with a 237-214 victory.

What’s Next 

The PBA Playoffs now head to the quarterfinals for the opening two matches as Jason Belmonte takes on Kris Prather and Anthony Simonsen bowling Andres Gomez. 

The show airs Monday at 9 p.m. Eastern on FS1 for U.S. viewers and on FloBowling for international audiences.

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