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, 2020-01-16 05:52:30

Nick Archacki has a hefty piece of paper to show his college recruiters now:

The Crawford County youth series record: 823.

Bowling in the Junior-Major League at Lakeside Lanes on Sunday, the Saegertown High School senior Archacki — who is still undecided on a college — absolutely went gangbusters, shooting lights-out 246, 279 and 298 games for an 823 series, breaking the previous youth record of 818 by Brant Granda.

It was Archacki’s second career 800 series. He shot an 802 as a 14-year-old on Jan. 2, 2016.

“Absolutely unbelievable, it’s such a huge accomplishment of mine,” said Archacki in regards to breaking the series record. “It’s an incredible honor to have the youth series record after numerous decades of (youth) bowling in Crawford County. This accomplishment is definitely one of the biggest moments in my life.

“I’m so thankful that when I walk away from youth bowling that I’ll hold the youth series record in the county I grew up in. After all my years of hard work, dedication, adversity and success, I have undoubtedly proven that I am one of the best youth bowlers to ever come from Western Pennsylvania, and I’m very, very proud of that.”

The red-headed, flame-throwing Archacki was locked and loaded from the beginning.

After going a tad high on his first shot in his first game and leaving the 4-pin, and unbelievably missing the spare, Archacki ripped off seven straight strikes before leaving the 9-pin in the ninth frame and 10-pins on two shots in the 10th frame for a 246 game.

Archacki had visions of a 300 game in his second game — starting with the front eight. Then, the 8-pin derailed those thoughts in the ninth frame.

“I left a stone cold 8-pin,” he said, “It didn’t even wiggle when the sweeper came down or when the pinsetters picked it up.”

Despite the agonizing result, Archacki put it behind him and struck out for a 279 game.

Archacki gave it another shot — literally — in his third game by throwing 11 consecutive strikes. On his 12th delivery, the too-amped-up Archacki pulled his shot and got an eight count.

“I was shaking on the approach,” said Archacki, who has two career 300 games. “I hadn’t felt that adrenaline in over a year since my 299 at Lost Lanes. That rush always gets you going, especially in a moment like where I was going for an 825.”

On his 800-clinching shot on his first ball in the 10th frame, Archacki said, “I let out a huge roar of saying, ‘yeah’ and ‘yes.’ I thought to myself that the wait was finally over, the four years of waiting for another 800 is finally over. I don’t have to stress about it anymore.”

Archacki can honestly say it was the best day of his brilliant youth career.

“I threw so many consistently good shots and almost every strike was spot on,” he said. “I barely threw any light mixers, they were all high flush or pocket shots. It was the best shot making day of my career. It was truly an enjoyable ride that I’ll never forget.”

In other words, a record-breaking ride.


Archacki answers ‘Cat’

Do you remember my prediction in last week’s column? I predicted the red-hot Archacki will shoot a 300 game or 800 series (or both) by the end of January.

What were Archacki’s thoughts when he read it?

“I thought you were crazy. I knew that the chances for me to do that were slim because the ‘Cat’s’ curse normally occurs when you predict something. But, your prediction gave me something to really shoot for and all the pieces came together for that amazing series to happen.

“I really do thank you for making that prediction for me. It gave me that confidence boost that I really need to hear. I got the hardest part (800) down, now I just need to get that 300 before the end of the month.”


Milestone ball

Although Archacki will not throw his IQ Tour Solid bowling ball forever, it will definitely be a keepsake.

Archacki has thrown both of his 800’s with the IQ Solid Tour — four years apart.

“That ball is ol’ faithful for me,” he said. “Whenever I can use it, that ball rarely ever steers me wrong. It has such a predictable, reliable and smooth motion whenever the shot allows me to throw it. The IQ Tour Solid is a rare gem that never seems to die … it easily has more than a couple thousand games on it.”


Young guns

Archacki is just one of several sharp-shooting young guns in the area.

Six other youths also exited their respective bowling alleys smiling last weekend as they were proud owners of 600’s.

At Lakeside Lanes, Austin Granda nearly tossed a 700 as he rolled games of 236, 221 and 225 for a 682 … Cooper Baum threw back-to-back 234 games for a 678 … Shooting a 222 in his middle game, Jordan Vaughn fired a 637 … The young gun bowling queen, Brookelyn Garvey, shot another 600 with a 615.

Issac Heim was dominant at both Lost Lanes and Lakeside Lanes — throwing 628 and 605 totals, respectively.

Eleven-year-old phenom Landon Plyler found the 1-3 pocket many times at Lost Lanes as he rolled 233 and 238 games for a 623. The next Archacki? Possibly.

Oh, Archacki also excelled at Lost Lanes as he fired 247 and 226 games for a 666.

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