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, 2019-12-02 01:33:45

7 Come 11 won the 1st session of the Reynolds VFW League. They ended with 23 wins. Team members are Keren Lineberger, Radar Heffern, Denny Delung, Pete Myers and Ed Lineberger. The F.O.’s were 2nd with 18 wins, while The Penguins and S.S.N.L. tied for 3rd with 16.

Team season highs are held by the following (All scratch). High game: (1)Vets 1063, team members are Bill Gill, George A. Gill, Mike King, Sonny Dickson and Brian Uhrin; (2) Penguins (987) and (3) 7 Come 11. High series: (1) Vets, (3057), (2) Penguins (2824) and (3) 7 Come 11 (2747).

Individual highs go to the following. High game: (1) Adam Gaines (267), (2) Ed Lineberger (264) and (3) George A. Gill (263). High series: (1) Uhrin (764), (2) George A. Gill (694) and Mike King (680).

Ed Lineberger is the average leader with 207. Bob Seinekovic is 2nd with 203. Uhrin is 3rd with 202.48 and Denny Delung is 4th at 200.

• After 10 weeks of bowling, Lark Excavating leads The Miller Lite West Middlesex Merchants League that competes at 10 Pin Alley. They have 36 wins. Team members are Tim Webster, Rich McCullough, Paul McCullough, Chuck Matsko, Richie, McCullough and John Lark.

Golden Bear 2 holds 2nd place with 34 wins, while O’Neill Coffee and Beer Me Bro are tied for 3rd with 32.

Team season highs are held by the following. Scratch game: (1) Lark Excavating (881), (2) The Breakroom (865) and (3) R&R Express (832). Handicap game: (1) Lark Excavating (881), (2) The Breakroom (865) and (3) Beer Me Bro (846).

Scratch series: (1) Lark Excavating (2519), (2) Golden Bear 2 (2288) and (3) O’Neill Coffee (2286). Handicap series: (1) Lark Excavating (2519), (2) Jones Performance (2309) and (3) Beer Me Bro (2308).

Individual highs go to the following (All scratch). Game: (1) Guy Brooks (280), (2) Adam Welsh (279) and (3) Rick White (278). Series: (1) Chuck Matsko (28), (2) Dave Babcock (703) and (3) Chase Vassen (697).

Chase Vassen is the average leader with 207. Tom Malizia is 2nd with 204, and Welsh is 3rd with 199.

• Even the bowling world is not exempt from the production moved to other countries. On Nov. 16, it was announced that Brunswick purchased Ebonite International, including the EBI brands, trademarks, and technologies.

So, that means that all the Ebonite’s brands – Ebonite, Hammer, Columbia 300, Track, Power House, and Robby’s – are now under the Brunswick umbrella, which includes Brunswick, DV8, and Radical bowling balls.

Ebonite’s reason for the sale was “due to the decline of the sport,” sales of bowling balls have declined and Ebonite has also faced some financial problems.

Unfortunately, the sale to Brunswick meant that Ebonite plant in Hopkinsville will be closed and the balls will be produced in Brunswick’s plant in Reynosa, Mexico. The plant in Hopkinsville was a fixture in the town for more than 50 years.

That leaves 171 workers at the plant unemployed. The good news is the workers will receive severance pay until the middle of January. What is in limbo is the future of Ebonite’s pro staff.

There is a story that says all Ebonite’s pro staff while be retained, but it wasn’t specific was that the Hammer, Columbia 300, and/or Track staffers. And, it wasn’t specific if it includes the regional pro-staffers, or just the national tour ones.

Here is a quote from one regional staff member said about the entire situation: “It’s definitely going to be different with Brunswick owning them and production moving to Mexico. It’s going to be very interesting to see how this shift happens in the next few weeks, based on production and just operations.”

The Brunswick purchase could also affect future sponsorships of bowling events currently under some EBI brands.

GABE D’ANGELO is a member of the Mercer County Bowling Hall of Fame and Professional Bowlers Writers Association who writes this weekly column for The Herald. He can be reached at

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