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, 2018-04-21 17:30:00

Well, things didn’t go exactly as planned for our regular group in the Father/Son Tournament at Linn Lanes.

It appears that the annual dads vs. sons match involving Tim Bollinger and me against our sons, Harley Bollinger and Andre Campos, will not be taking place this year.

Unfortunately, the Bollingers couldn’t fit the tournament into their work/league schedules, and will not be bowling in the event.

So Andre and I made the most of it last Sunday, and, as usual, had a great time spending the afternoon together.

Andre, who was coming off a 746 series at Landmark Lanes a couple of days earlier, had a pretty good day. He finished with games of 222, 269 and 221 for a 712 series a day before his 25th birthday.

Andre’s second game easily could have been a trey. He left a swishing 7-pin in the first frame, and a ringing 10-pin in the seventh. He was solid all afternoon.

I managed to grind out a 618 set, closing with games of 235 and 208. My only open frames were a 4-9 split and a 3-10 split, both in the first game (175). So I was at least converting my spares.

We bowled on the same lanes with Amber Garner and Tim Bishop; Cole and Ed Betts; and Ryan and George Brunsman. The other dads ended up outscoring their children. Bishop rolled a 542 to Garner’s 508; Ed Betts had a 568 to Cole’s 520; and George Brunsman closed with a 225 game for 594, one pin better than Ryan’s 593.

Andre and I finished with 1,330 scratch, which is one of our highest scores ever in the event. The sons probably would have once again won this year’s match, especially after my performance. But I still look forward to the tournament every year. That never gets old.

MASTERS CAPTAINS: The top average in the Bill Mastronardi/Bud Light Masters traveling league wasn’t the only captains’ spot that came down to the final game on the final position-round night.

There were three bowlers going for the final two spots, and it came down to the final game.

Austin Markley took care of business with games of 238, 269 and 277 for a 784 series to secure his spot as probably the youngest captain in the history of the league at 21. His final average was 227.64.

Dan Lee ended up edging Benny Barnwell by two total pins. Both of them rolled 87 games for the season, but Lee (226.74 average) ended up with 19,726 pins to 19,724 pins for Barnwell (226.71). In the final game of the season, Barnwell rolled a 207 and Lee a  199.

Brad Moore (238.38) ended up edging Steve Taylor (238.08) for the top average in the league.

The other bowlers earning captain spots for next season were Tommy Barnwell (235.51), Travis Anderson (232.32), Mark Stenger (232.29), Ryan Driskill (231.70), Sammy Taylor Jr. (230.72), Rob Johnson (230.20), Tony Wysinger (229.74), and Bob Baker (229.18).

CONDOLENCES: Professional Bowlers Association champion Ray Orf of St. Louis died on Friday at the age of 76.

Orf won the 1962 All-American Classic in Dallas and was a member of both the St. Louis and Missouri bowling Halls of Fame.

He probably will be remembered most for bowling an 890 series in an adult-youth league, bowling with his son, Rich, who was 7 at the time. Orf left a 10-pin in the first frame, and then rolled 35 straight strikes with a rubber Black Beauty bowling ball.

That would have broken the American Bowling Congress record of 886 rolled by Allie Brandt in 1939. But the ABC did not sanction the score, claiming that the lane conditions did not meet the standards that were in place at the time for sanctioned play.

After Orf unsuccessfully appealed the decision, he sued the ABC. Orf got an unspecified out-of-court settlement, but his score was never officially recognized by the organization.

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JOHNNY CAMPOS is the Journal Star bowling columnist. He can be reached at 686-3214 or Follow him on Twitter @JohnnyCampos59.

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