Champion Sports Weighted Bowling Set: Rubber Ball & Plastic Pins for Training & Kids Games

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Rack ’em up. Practice and play with this all-in-one bowling kit. Each set comes with a lightweight rubber bowling ball and classic white red-tipped plastic pins, replicating official pin sets used by professionals. Whether you’re just learning the game of bowling, teaching the game to students or refining your aim, our kit has the perfect accessories to help get the job done.

Unlike many hollow shell toy pins that fall over at the slightest tremor, our plastic bowling pins are weighted so they keep standing until you bowl them over. Use them inside on the carpet, outside on the driveway, and even in the yard for hours of fun that the entire family will enjoy.

The plastic construction is dense yet lightweight. This makes for easy set up for anyone who wants to refine his or her angling, control, and overall technique on multiple surfaces. Work on your strikes and splits so you’ll be ready for the big leagues.

The best games let everyone play. From little ones to adults, everybody can join in the fun regardless of his or her bowling experience. We designed our bowling equipment for all players to enjoy. Buy a set for the birthday party, holiday, or family get-together.

Don’t worry about not setting up the pins correctly. We’ve included a set up sheet so you can perfectly rack the pins on your surface of choice. You can then begin tracking your scores and those of your friends and family with the stat sheet. The more you practice, the higher your score will go!

-Champion Sports Weighted Bowling Set
-5 lb Lightweight Rubber Ball and 10 Plastic Pins
-Blue/Red Swirl Ball and White Pins
-Set Up Pattern and Score Sheet Included15 in. pins weigh 10 oz. each to knock over just like at the bowling alley
Included 4.5 lb. bowling ball features a blue and red realistic marble-style pattern
Triangular setup sheet outlines where the pins should go on a hard surface for simple preparation
Score pad is included for keeping track of strikes, spares and the number of pins knocked over during each frame
Helps build friendly competition and athletic skill
Pins react like real pins~
Champion Weighted Bowling Set (BPSET)


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