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, 2018-08-27 15:03:45

By Mike Tupa

Just call it the Tom Crawford Show last week at the Red Apple Center bowling lanes.

The veteran pin-buster racked up two monstrous series scores (780, 783) — which led all rollers.

He also toppled the logs for two 277 games — one in the Merchants League and the other in Wednesday Mixers competition.

But, Chuck Ford (Merchants) and Joe Gilman (Guys & Dolls) squeezed past Crawford to tie for the overall high game (279).

On the women’s side, Ashley Rucker proved untouchable.

She snapped off the both the overall high female game (236) and series (618), while competing in the Merchants League. Rucker won the series title by a 111-pin margin.

Jonah Kowalczyk (Junior Pros) led all youth bowlers, with the high game (256) and high series (679).

Sydney Hodge (Junior Pros) swept the high honors for the youth girls, with a 104 game and 256 series.

In addition …

Gilman flirted with a 700 series before settling for 683. … Glenda Donovan snapped off the two high female games (211, 200) in the Guys & Dolls women’s battles. … Tim Gardner recorded a 269 game to finish just 10 pins behind Ford in the Merchants’ shootout. … Trey Ford cruised to a 713 series in the Merchants’ duels. … Shawn Brown edged David Hale, 258 to 257, for second place in Wednesday Mixers play. … The Wednesday Mixers’ women’s scrap for the high game came down to the final frame — Maxine Sanders (191) won, followed by Kari Jenkauski (189) and Barbara Todd (186).

Guys & Dolls


High scratch game: Joe Gilman, 279; Don Hill, 244; David Hale, 237.

High scratch series: Joe Gilman, 683; Dean Piepergerdes, 614; David Hale, 614.


High scratch game: Glenda Donovan, 211; Glenda Donovan, 200; Deborah Carman, 181.

High scratch series: Glenda Donovan, 592; Marge Barcus, 477; Deborah Carman, 473.

Junior Pros


High scratch game: Jonah Kowalczyk, 256; Aiden Farnsworth, 190; Viper McClintock, 163.

High scratch series: Jonah Kowalczyk, 679; Aiden Farnsworth, 515; Viper McClintock, 476.

High handicap game: Jonah Kowalczyk, 256; Viper McClintock, 228; Peyton Farnsworth, 203.

High handicap series: Jonah Kowalczyk, 679; Viper McClintock, 671; Peyton Farnsworth, 540.


High scratch game/series: Sydney Hodge, 104/256.

High handicap game/series: Sydney Hodge, 229/631.



High scratch game: Chuck Ford, 279; Tom Crawford, 277; Tim Gardner, 269.

High scratch series: Tom Crawford, 780; Trey Ford, 713; David Price, 686.


High scratch game: Ashley Rucker, 236; Maxine Sanders, 214; Renie Watters, 208.

High scratch series: Ashley Rucker, 618; Renie Watters, 507; Oscar Stephes, 505.

Wednesday Mixers


High scratch game: Tom Crawford, 277; Shawn Brown, 258; David Hale, 257.

High scratch series: Tom Crawford, 783; Shawn Brown, 647; Dean Piepergerdes, 643.


High scratch game: Maxine Sanders, 191; Kari Jenkauski, 189; Barbara Todd, 186.

High scratch series: Karri Erfurdt, 484; Maxine Sanders, 480; Kari Jenkauski, 470.

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