Hickman, Daniel make tough shots during the Commerical Classic

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, 2018-04-18 15:37:30

Bill Hickman was rolling in the Commercial Classic on Wednesday night and in his first game rolled a ball that hit the pocket and carried everything but the 7 and 10 pin, which are on the corners of the lanes.

He rolled his second ball toward the seven pin and turned around and walked back.

He heard the bowlers howling and he turned around and the 7 and 10 pins were gone. It’s very rare to see the 7-10 split converted into a spare.

That wasn’t the only remarkable shot in the Classic.

Marty Daniel in his second game coveted the Greek Church as his first ball had left the 4-7 pins on the left side of the lanes, and the 6-9-10 on the right side of the lanes. (Don’t asked me where the name came from, I don’t know).

Facing that situation, most of the time bowlers just roll their ball toward the right side of the lanes with the hopes of hitting a few pins, but not Daniel. He rolled his second shot toward the right side of the lanes and the 9 and 10 pin fell down and the 6 pin flew across the lanes and took out the 4-7.

I know that the United States Bowling Congress doesn’t give out awards anymore for these two outstanding shots. I hope our association can recognize these two individuals with an award and if possible should be given out soon, as the Classic is close to ending their run for the season.

Two outstanding feats in the same night was unreal. Another feat was happening on lanes three and four as Barbara Bustos rolled her first 600 series in over six years. She rocked games of 210-214-194 for a 618 set. It looks like Dennis Gray is back to normal after having surgery last month with a 267/740 set.

High Rollers

Bill King 213, Bill Barthel 258, Jeff Stout 223, Steven Olivarez 103, Pam Turpen 230, Danny Coggin 203, Steve Mead 198, Charli McMillian 174, Mike Robb 193, Corey Phillips 266/779, Caren Thompson 220, Lora Schullerts 144, Mo Harrington 168, Mike Danel 226, Leo Gonzales 199/516, Pam Graham 153, Rikki Cascia 227, Monty Stone 192, Pete DeVries 563, Annette Macklin 182, Phil Oldenhage 195, Ofelia Aquino 175, Lavonne Baker 207, John Nunes 267, Rae Coonce 225.

Aqua scores from Los Banos

Jarrett Sagouspe 206, Reece Blevins 190, Greg Irmini 190, Jana Sousa 181, Tammie Ketcher 159, Eddie Garcia 201, Joe Lopez 193, Donald Sferrazzo 183, Debbie Reyes 171, Patti Alberti 153, Glenn Branco 244, Chris Pugliese 231, Dennis Lefevre 226, T.J. Lobig 210, Stephen Toscano 204, David Erreca 182, Diane Erreca 175, Jana Sousa 166, Cecillo Panduro 160, Adrian Gonzales 200, Dave Basch 182, Linda Raw 150.

McHenry senior results

The following seniors from Bellevue Bowl placed in the money last Friday at McHenry Bowl in Modesto during their Spring Crazy Bowl of different no-taps for each game. In the first game the men’s high game were Jerry McMillian and Frank Gasper. In the second high game for the women T.J. Rowen and Linda Roach both placed in the cash.

A ton of 300 games were rolled including McMillian and yours truly. Up next on the schedule for the seniors is Yosemite Lanes 9-pin no-tap this Friday at 1 p.m. Entry fee is only $13 and that includes your high game and overall series for both men and women. There is no pot luck at Yosemite.

Spring time on the Westside

The new Auqa Entertainment Center in Los Banos this Sunday is hosting the Merced/Atwater Women’s 500 Club Annual Spring Fling Mixed team event. It is a handicap tournament with three games of 8-pin no-tap, 9-pin no-tap, and 2-6-9.

You will use your highest 2017-2018 composite average found on Bowl.com, if none then your summer 2017 average. There is only one squad time at 11 a.m. Entry fee is $24 per bowler. Any combination as long as their is one man and one women on the mixed 4 on a team. The Aqua center is small, if your interested in putting in a team you better get going. Bellevue has the entry forms by the trophy case on the concourse. You can’t win if your’re not in!

Hall of Fame Dinner

I received information from Barbara Bustos, Hall of Fame chair for this year’s Hall of Fame and Scholarship dinner to be held this Saturday at the Atwater Community Center. Bustos said that her committee has gathered for the auction several top-notched bowling balls in weights from 12 to 15, a John Deere bicycle, a guitar w/lessons, art works, jewelry, and other goodies to start the night off.

The raffle tables is full of amazing and different prizes and gifts. Tickets are available at Bellevue Bowl for $25 or any association directors, no tickets will be sold at the door. Come see your friends and have some fun.

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