Island Fever Travel and Chucking Awesome leading respective bowling leagues

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, 2018-09-19 18:37:30

Island Fever Travel and Chucking Awesome leading respective bowling leagues

Ten pin bowling leagues have started again for a new season.

Tuesday Lunch Bunch 10 Pin Bowling

Two weeks into the new season, Island Fever Travel is in the lead for the first quarter with 68.5 points.

High scratch scores to date for men are Ray Stormo with a 286 and a 691 series and for women Lorrie Murphy with a 210 game and a 545 series. Womens handicap high game is Darileen Barker with a 259 game Lorrie Murphy with a 682 series. Canadian Tenpin Federation (CTF) awards for 50 pins over their average in a game were earned by Darileen Barker with a 180 game, Ken McRann with a 212 and Lorrie Murphy with a 210. Lorrie Murphy also earned a clean game and a 500 series award.

Also earning CTF awards was Ray Stormo who started a game with 10 strikes in a row and rolled a 286 which earned him a watch for a 100 pins over average game, as well as a 125 over average series award.

Friday Night Mixed 10 pin League

Leading the league for the first quarter is “Chucking Awesome” with 46 points.

Individual awesome scoring for the first two weeks for the men go to Wayne Bezaire: 257 high game and a 673 and 679 series while Harley Trenholm has high games of 245 and 246 and a high series of 670 scratch, this also earned Harley high handicap scores two weeks in a row with a 787 & 844 and a CTF award for 125 pins over average series. Other scores to mention are Sal Adamo with a 619 series which also received the CTF 125 over series award.

Meanwhile for the women, to date, Devon Rodgers leads the both high scratch 220 and handicap 277 game and high scratch 577 and handicap series 748. Canadian Tenpin Federation awards were earned by Karen McCrae for a clean game,

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