KAZE SPORTS Bowling Accessory Set

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KAZE SPORTS bowling accessory set includes microfiber towel, ball polisher seesaw, pair of shoe protector/cover and grip sack.

Bowling Towel is made of superfine, high density fibers that absorbs dirt and oil – like a magnet! Towel measures 16-inch by 16-inch

Bowling shoe cover – Protects your bowling shoes by slipping a pair of these covers over them when you’re leaving the lane. They’re made of high quality vinyl with an elastic top to keep water, mud and dirt off your shoes.

Microfiber grip sack absorbs moisture on hands allowing a trouble-free release to increase scores.

Giant See-Saw ball cleaner – fabric construction provides a soft cleaning surface. Provides great protection for a bowling ball in a bowling bag or a locker.KAZE SPORTS bowling accessory set includes the following:
Microfiber towel, 16-inch by 16-inch
Giant See-Saw Ball Cleaner
Bowling Shoe Protectors Cover (1 Pair)
Microfiber Bowling Grip Sack

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