Neymar 10 Pin Bowling Strike Meme

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, 2018-06-30 08:07:30

Neymar 10 Pin Bowling Strike Meme…

Neymar Is On A Roll - Image Copyright DnaIndia.Com

Neymar Is On A Roll – Image Copyright DnaIndia.Com

The Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup is less than half way through and has been a resounding success. Some of the football has been of quality rarely seen in a big international tournaments, because often all the hoopla with the build up cannot be matched when the competition begins. But this Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup has certainly delivered on all fronts. But first take a bow Russia who have not put a foot wrong the organization – facilities – accommodation – press media and TV have all been delivered with exceptional experience and expertise…

But off the match has delivered in spades too, thanks to the on the pitch antics in the diving competition and the rolling in agony cameo shows of hilarious showboating. Now who has been doing the diving and rolling in agony? Sorry cannot answer that has every team has potentially 11 divers – fakers – penalty appeals and the like. But hey all this crazy BS makes for great entertainment and provides quality material for the digital photoshop guys and the video editors to come up with some fantastic – cartoons – vlogs – digital images – memes and more…

The great Brazilian superstar Neymar has been rolling on the pitch with such enthusiasm that after a recent match a top notch video maker mo05hy had the nous and creativity to make this super funny YouTube video. The upshot is that mo05hy cut n paste the Neymar on pitch Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup fake roll and used it on a 10 Pin Bowling skit. The super savvy mo05hy had a 10 Pin Bowling alley as a backdrop and overlaid the Neymar roll and hey he gets a STRIKE!

Chapeau mo05hy that is sensational!

Wii Sports gets a World Cup update??

Published on YouTube Jun 30, 2018

Neymar Diving + Wii Sports = Meme

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Neymar 10 Pin Bowling Strike Meme…

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