Overwatch player creates Wii Sports-inspired ten-pin bowling game mode

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, 2019-05-06 03:03:45

An Overwatch player has created a ten-bin bowling game mode with the Workshop inspired by Wii Sports.

The Workshop isn’t even available on the live servers yet as it’s still being tested on the Public Test Realm (PTR), but players have already used it to create all manner of interesting new modes.

While many players have come up with their own unique game modes, others have chosen to recreate classics from other titles like Portal and Space Invaders, or even put an Overwatch spin on real sports like volleyball and golf.

Now, u/andy_gmb’s “Ten Torbjörn Bowling” offers a mix of both, by creating an Overwatch version of ten-pin bowling inspired by Nintendo classic Wii Sports.

Blizzard Entertainment

The Workshop has proven incredibly popular with Overwatch players.

The game mode requires two players – one, who plays Lúcio, to be the bowler, and another as Wrecking Ball to act as the ball. The ten pins to be knocked down are Torbjörn bots.

As well as the bowling mode itself, u/andy_gmb also created a full mock-up for “OverSports”, a game inspired by Nintendo’s Wii Sports that even utilizes the Wii sounds and music to imitate the original.

Also seen in the “OverSports” menu are a “boxing” game-mode that simply sees two Bastions using their boxing emote next to each other, and a “Golf” game-mode that is actually also playable, as the clip is taken from u/officialraider’s Torbjörn golf mode.

Unfortunately, the share code for Ten Torbjörn Golf isn’t currently available, but the creators have promised to release it soon so that other players can try out the game mode.

The Workshop was added to the PTR on April 24, and Blizzard have continued both fix issues and add new features to it since.

As the PTR is only available to PC players, so far only part of the overall player-base has had access to it. Once it reaches the live servers, however, the feature will be available on all platforms.

Blizzard have yet to announce exactly when the Workshop can be expected to go live, although with new features added as recently as May 3, it wouldn’t be surprising for the patch for remain on the PTR for a while longer, especially considering how significant a new feature the Workshop is.

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