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, 2020-01-10 09:15:00

At the start of 2020 and in the no drone zone of Morgan Lanes, there was some intense competition on Friday night, Jan. 3.

The Knock Knox, who pre-bowled, won all 4 of their points and beat their opponents by an incredible 405 pins. They are in first place going into week No. 3. The rest of the teams are lined up as follows.

Team Standings

1. Knock Knox
2. K&M
3. Mastin/Greenwell
4. Crap Shoot
5. L & M
6. JZ Motorsports
7. Brannon & Larson
8. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter
9. Anderson & Young
10. Gutter Boss
11. Jacks are Better
12. Graham
13. Bowl Busters
14. Rolling Balls
15. Livin’ on a Spare

Star Bowlers

For the lady Pacesetters, the high game Star Bowler is Melinda Trickey with a 223, which is 68 pins over her average. She also tied Tess Mann for the three-game Star Bowler honors. They each bowled 63 pins over their average, with Melinda rolling a 528 series and Tess rolling a 459 series.

For the men, both bowlers were on team Knock Knox. Tyler Carrington bowled 100 pins over his average with a game of 289, and Eric Knox had a three-game series of 691, which is 109 over his average.

The Star Bowlers came out strong in 2020. Well done!

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