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, 2020-01-17 09:37:30

It was a another night of big scores on Friday, Jan. 10, at Morgan Lanes.

Star Bowlers

It didn’t take Jai May long to warm up. In her first game on lanes 13 and 14, May rolled her third 300 game of this season in this league. She makes perfect games seem easy. Believe it, though, they are not.

May followed her perfect game with a 238 and a 242, giving her a three-game series of 780. She was rightfully the Lady Pacesetter Star Bowler of the week. Her 300 game was 80 pins over her average, and her 780 three-game series was 120 pins over her average.

For the men, Bill Evans, whose team was bowling against May’s team, rolled a 232, which is 62 pins over his average.

One pair over on 15-16, Eric Knox had a big night with a three-game series of 695, which is 107 pins over his average. Knox’s team was super hot in their third game when they bowled 890 scratch and 1,003 with handicap. That puts them in the lead for all of the high team score awards.

Well done to all of the Star Bowlers this week!

We’d also like to welcome a new team to the league. “The Ezes” started bowling this week, and we are expecting big scores from them.

Team Standings

1. Knock Knox
2. Crap Shoot
3. L & M
4. JZ Motorsports
5. Anderson & Young
6. K&M
7. Mastin/Greenwell
8. Brannon & Larson
9. Graham
10. Jacks are Better
11. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter
12. Gutter Boss
13. Bowl Busters
14. Rolling Balls
15. The Ezes
16. Livin’ On a Spare

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