Sturgis Charter School Purchases Hyannis Bowling Alley

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, 2019-09-09 09:15:00

Ryan Family Amusements hosted generations of bowlers over three decades…

Hyannis, MA – Sturgis Charter Public School has purchased the building leased by Ryan Family Amusements on Main Street in Hyannis. Sturgis plans to use it for Sturgis East classroom space, which will include custom-designed music and theater classes, according to Paul Marble, executive director of Sturgis Charter Public School.

Over the past three decades, the Main Street location has hosted generations of bowlers and provided old-fashioned fun for families. Pete Campbell, Director of Bowling Operations at Ryan Family Amusements, said Ryan’s has accommodated its Hyannis bowling leagues by relocating them to the Yarmouth location.

“We have created so many wonderful memories for families and youth and we are pleased to see that the building will be used for educational purposes to better the lives of young people,” says Campbell, who emphasized that people can still enjoy the Ryan’s experience at Ten Pin Eatery in the Cape Cod Mall or Ryan’s in Yarmouth.  “Ten Pin Eatery is a modern facility that offers the ultimate entertainment experience,” says Campbell. “It features 11 bowling lanes, a full restaurant and bar, an arcade, laser tag arena and Virtual Reality and Escape Room arena. Ryan’s in Yarmouth offers a lively atmosphere of ten pin bowling, candlepin bowling, a full bar, game room and video games.

The bowling alley in Hyannis has changed hands several times since it was built in 1962. Ryan’s owned it from 1989-1998 and then again in 2003-2019. The lanes and equipment have been sold and are being relocated to a high-end apartment building in Manhattan for recreational use. Campbell said the two employees at the Hyannis location have been offered employment at Ryan’s other properties and gift cards will be honored at all locations.

The procurement of this building will mean that all Sturgis East classrooms will be on the same side of Main Street and students will not need to cross Main Street between class periods, according to Sturgis’ Paul Marble. The school is eyeing a renovation process that would lead to 441 Main Street being ready for student use in the fall of 2021.

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