Trivia Bits for Sep 25, 2018, by Leslie Elman

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, 2018-09-25 00:26:15

Toss around words such as “phlyarology” and people may think you’re talking nonsense, which, in a way, you are. From the Greek phluaros (“silly talk”), phlyarology does indeed mean “talking nonsense” — and a phlyarologist is a person who engages in phlyarology. Though the practice is widespread, the word itself is uncommon. It seems to have been coined in an article about a meeting of clergymen that was published in an English periodical in 1867, possibly never to be used again.

The website specializes in discussion and analysis of what subject?

A) Fashion

B) Investing and personal finance

C) Politics

D) Stand-up comedy

Previous answer: A perfect score in a single game of 10-pin bowling is 300.

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