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, 2018-05-26 23:07:30

When the Middletown Recreation Center opened in the city of Middletown in 1941 World War II was raging on two continents and for just 10 cents a game you had your very own pin boy to reset the pins in your lane after a strike. One of those pin boys working at the center in the early 1950’s, Robert Quinn Senior, would eventually go on to buy bowling alley in 1972 renaming it Quinnz Pinz.

The Quinnz Pinz bowling business is now owned by Robert’s son Robert Quinn Jr. and has changed quite a bit since the heyday of the pin boys. Among the new innovations in automatic pin setting machines, which retrieves, organizes and sets the pins, there are now speed cameras to see how fast your ball went down the lane, automatic bumpers, computers to tally your scores and automatic ball returns. The family run bowling alley also offers escape the room puzzles games, a restaurant featuring locally sourced ingredients and craft beers, an arcade and a summer camp for young bowlers.

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