10 Household Items Which Double As Play Toys

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, 2019-10-18 17:07:30

Parents will know that it doesn’t necessarily cost much to keep the kids entertained and that sometimes while investing in the ‘expensive toys’, children will forsake these for ordinary household items which they will then use in their imaginary play.

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Children are creative and see potential in everyday things which adults often miss. This is why being in the company of a child can be so refreshing for a parent. They help a person to live with eyes wide open and to embrace life with all its possibilities.

Here are 10 household items you might not have realized double up as play toys (through the eyes of a child)

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10 A blanket

You thought you bought the blanket to keep your child warm. However, your child, more than likely, has envisaged many uses for the said blanket which you hadn’t considered.

One of kids’ favorite things to do with a blanket – or pile of blankets – is to build a house or fort. Hung over chairs and pegged in place, blankets provide the perfect roof and walls for an imaginary playhouse.

The good news is these blanket homes are relatively easy to clean up afterwards. So don’t fret if you enter the living room and your children have built a mini blanket city there.

9 Toilet roll tubes

Little ones will learn from an early age that a toilet roll is never just a toilet roll. Its cylindrical shape makes it ideal for a variety of uses. For example, two placed alongside each other can be used as pretend binoculars.

For this reason, it’s advised not to throw toilet rolls away but to keep them in a big bag in the playroom so that when your child is feeling extra creative, they can get them out and build them into something for playtime.

8 A big bowl

Big bowls are a child’s best friend. This is because filled with water they can become anything – from a sea to a dam to a lake and even a swimming pool. Is Barbie feeling a little hot with the sunny weather? Your child might take a bowl and make a swimming pool for her.

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Or how about your kid’s lions and predatory creatures? They might like to cool down in the local watering hole, safari-style. Never underestimate the potential of your Tupperware dishes and bowls.

7 Pots and big metal spoons

This one most parents will know… give a kid pots and pans and a spoon of sorts and a whole lot of drumming happens.

This is very cute for a while but can become quite noisy, in which case you might want to keep the pots and pans out of reach, and only get them out when you are desperate to keep your busy child occupied for the morning.

Music and drumming out rhythms on pots and pans is great for your kid’s development, so it’s okay to let them make some noise. Take a video clip of the experience as you will value its memory for years to come.

6 Graters

Most households have a cheese grater with four sides around a hollow central area. Children will enjoy putting a grater on each arm to become super Transformer robot alienoids.

The handle of the grater (at its top) can be held by their hands, and the rest put over the forearm of each arm. Again, another cute way kitchen appliances can go beyond the ordinary expectations of everyday life to create something spectacular.

Just make sure they are careful (and ideally older children) as graters can be sharp on the outside!

5 Measuring cups

Moms will soon learn, as their baby becomes a respectable, sitting-up little child, that children like to pour. This especially true when they have bath time.

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Why not give your child your set of measuring cups and let them play with them in the bathtub? They will enjoy the way the cups fit into each other and many of them will love to pretend to make a cake in the bath using the cups.

Measuring spoons hold equal fascination. Let them pour from one cup to another and enjoy bathing. If you can teach them to love the bathtub, you’ll save yourself a lot of future battles.

4 Big boxes

Every household has these. Some are in storage. Some are waiting to be thrown out after having arrived carrying new household items. Get them out and hold back on getting rid of them.

A small child loves a box. You see a box… they see a car or playhouse, or fort, or washing machine or microwave. Boxes can be transformed with paint and decoration to become whatever the child desires. Add some wings and you will have a plane or cut a door for a dog kennel for your child’s favorite puppy toy.

3 Chairs

Children have endless use for chairs and their creativity with these should be encouraged. Two chairs, one in front of the next, can become a car during playtime and children can pretend to get into the car to go somewhere special. Chairs alongside each other can also make a tunnel underneath them.

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Chairs in a circle can provide walls for a playhouse. Put some chairs in the garden and a few items like blankets, and teddies and a set of pretend keys and see what they come up with. Facilitate their imagination by suggesting what these could become.

2 Mommy’s shoes, hats and scarves


You probably didn’t know that the best dress-up clothes in the house for your child are possibly your own. Instead of throwing out your old shoes, scarves and hats, and accessories, why not put them in a special dress-up box and when your little child wants to play, let them dig in and dress up as a mommy or someone else they look up to.

This modeling of behavior is excellent for their development and even if they are somewhat clumsy in the shoes, they will help develop social and cognitive skills through play.

1 Old bottles

There’s a move towards protecting the environment and one way you can help your kid to do this is to encourage them to use plastic materials for good.

Take old bottles and use them as skittles for ten pin bowling. Kids can help decorate each one (you will need six to be exact), and you can then have a bowling tournament with them, with a prize up for grabs. Most skittles down after the results of numerous rounds are tallied, wins the prize.

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