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, 2018-03-15 22:56:15

Brandon Simpson was a pin away from adding to the wave of 300 games recently rolled at Galaxy.

Unfortunately, a stubborn 10 pin stood and he only had a 299.

Johnny Johnson continued his torrid bowling of late throwing a big 779 series. Johnson also rolled a 300 in the Danville City Tournament this past weekend.

The Madison County Bowling Association Tournament will be held the next two Sundays (March 18 and 25) at Galaxy Bowling Center. Bowlers can bowl in singles, doubles or team.

Entry fee is $20 per event. If you have any questions, please call Galaxy Bowling Center at 624-4444.

Honor Roll

March 5 through 12

Men’s Series

Johnny Johnson    779

Steve Creech    746

Frank Fitch    746

David McCracken    726

Brandon Simpson    723

Corbin Roberts    712

Shawn Barton    711

Men’s Games

Brandon Simpson    299

Tony Felts    280

Johnny Johnson    279

Steve Creech    278

David McCracken    278

David Norman    278

Mark Rogers    278

Shawn Barton    276

Kenny Kysar    267

Women’s Series

Narita Rose    651

Haley Hardy    624

Pauline Burkhart    601

Pat Mitchell    567

Women’s Games

Narita Rose    255

Pauline Burkhart    249

Haley Hardy    214

Pat Mitchell     206

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