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, 2019-10-16 13:33:45

Val De Rose rolled to a 19-5 mark in recent
action on the lanes in the El Portal Bowling League on Thursday, Oct. 10.

They were followed by Bartelink Dairy,
18-6; Elaine’s Travel, Mis-Splits, 13-11; Foxie Ladies, 12-12; The Flocking Flamingoes,
Dutch Girls, 10½-13½; Always Trying, 9-15; Escalon Body & Frame, 8½-15½;
Pin-Ups, 2½-13½.

Top scores for the week came from Ruth
Sonke, 176 scratch game and 653 handicap series; Cindy Kruger, 511 scratch
series; Marie Awalt, 254 handicap game.

Season to date leaders are Cindy Kruger,
high individual average, 165.53; Kelly Homen, scratch series, 539; Cindy Kruger
and Stacy Lub, scratch game, 201; Marie Awalt, handicap game, 664; Sandy Cox,
handicap game, 248.

Weekly competition on Oct. 3 saw the Bartelink
Dairy squad on top at 16-4. Next came Val De Rose, 15-5; Elaine’s Travel, 13-7;
Team 4, 10-10; The Flocking Flamingoes, 9½-10½; Foxie Ladies, 9-11; Escalon
Body & Frame, 8½-11½; Always Trying, 7-13; Dutch Girls, 6½-13½; Pin-Ups, 1½-10½.

Leaders for the week included Cindy
Kruger, Stacy Lub, 201; with Lub sweeping the rest of the categories with a 529
scratch series, 251 handicap game, and 679 handicap series.

Bowlers meet Thursdays, 10 a.m., at
McHenry Bowl in Modesto.

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