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, 2019-11-12 17:13:26

Months ago I shared a story of what the most difficult spare leave to convert was. While many people would automatically assume the 7-10 or big 4 to be at the top of that list, data collected by the Professional Bowlers Association proved the toughest split to convert was actually the Greek Church, or the 4-6-7-9-10, or its mirror image on the left side of the lane.

After Fellowship League last week though, the question arose on the most difficult, or rarest single game score a bowler might achieve. This question arose following that league’s own John Woodard’s final game. Woodard, who entered the night with a 140 average, opened his final game with a turkey, then closed it with the final 8 strikes.

What happened in the fourth frame is what caused his score to leave some folks seeing the score and asking “How does that happen?” Woodard’s one errant toss scored a single pin and resulted in a still pretty amazing 271 game. The nearly immaculate gem also vaulted him to a 612 series, 130 pins in excess of his previous high series.

So, many people have asked is this a first ever? I have yet to be able to verify the answer to this, but my guess is while perhaps being the first 271 sanctioned game in Elizabeth City, it is likely not the first ever in USBC, ABC, or WIBC.

Then if 271 is not the most unusual or least likely score to achieve, what is? My handy-dandy detective skills revealed that an even tougher score to achieve would be a 292. To achieve this, a bowler would need to strike on the first 11 shots, for the easy part, then hook the ball with the breakpoint being at about the 2 or 3 board, at about 63 or so feet down the lane, taking out the 6 and 9 pins. The same shot as hooking the ball through the baby split without converting either pin! Any way you slice Woodard’s game, a 271 is still an amazing score and one he should be commended for!

For the rest of the league’s top scores we look no further than some other guys who have shared ink in this column before, starting with Jevon Simpson’s 269-712, Kendell Ferebee’s 237-667, Mark Tarkington’s 236-656, and Ty Chesson’s 256 game.

The ladies from Fellowship were topped by Kaytee Simpson’s 203-544, Debbie Winslow’s 196-510, Stephanie Winslow’s 163-465, and Sherri Norwood’s 168 game.

Thursday night’s Martin Luther King League witnessed Mark Tarkington bag a 235-689, finishing ahead of Will Swinson’s 239-616, and Denwwod Williams 566 series. Darik Lynam, entering with a 132 average, recorded a sweet 225 game, for a 295 handicap effort.

Brittney Krehel’s 181-512 led the ladies from MLK, while Amie Wallace (170-438) and Ofelia Beatty (162-430) rounded out the ladies top scores.

Monday Night Mixed turned in its share of notable efforts led by John Bradley’s 248-677, Steve Spoonire’s 236, and John Turner’s 247-616, Will Swinson posted the top game of the night, a 280, by striking the first, sparing the second, and running the sheet with the final 10 strikes. Another interesting feat was accomplished in Spoonire’s series, as he started the night with a 202, then increased his score exactly 10 pins each of the next two, putting up games of 212 and 222.

Debbie Winslow’s 209-513 paced the ladies last Monday, followed by Esther Saunders’ 173-446, Karen Ashley’s 441 series, and Patsy Sanders’ 171 game.

Top games from the All-American Ladies were submitted from Ocie Manos (187), Becky Hilderbrand (170), and Stella Miller (155).

Ben Hawkins (182-532), Bryce Hawkins (102-511), and Christopher Vinson (176-489) were the top youth guys this week, while Colby Judge added an impressive 250-675 morning with his handicap series.

The young ladies’ side of the Saturday morning loop featured Kaylee Winslow’s 149-363 and Elizabeth Scaff’s 123-356.

Finally, I am personally proud to share that the Elizabeth City State University Women’s bowling team traveled to Charlotte this past weekend to compete in the first of three divisional conference events.

The Vikings finished the weekend with a 3-9 record, led by Kayla Barnes (124 average) and Bree Loftus (114 average) across 8 games of team play. ECSU gained all of its victories by defeating Chowan University in team matches on Friday and Saturday, and a Baker’s match on Sunday morning. Their baker’s match opened with a 199 game, including 5 strikes and 5 spares!

Their morning of bakers matches was also highlight by a 158-146 single game over nationally ranked, and 5-time defending CIAA champions, Bowie State. Although Bowie took the overall match, the final game of the 5 game match was a great accomplishment for the young Vikings, who laced up 4 newcomers for their initial event. The Vikings next travel to Salisbury, NC on January 24-26.

Until next week, good luck and good bowling!

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